What to do When you have a Breech Baby?

October 14, 2021 What is a breech baby? Under normal circumstances between 28 – 32 weeks the baby sinks down, head first into the pelvis in preparation for birth. At the end of pregnancy, around 35-36 weeks most babies settle into a head-do...

Prenatal Care – wanting the best for your baby!

August 4, 2021 Prenatal care – TaoJiao   Looking after pregnant women is an important part of what we do here at Natural Solutions and we love it! Pregnancy is such an important time to look after the expecting mum’s heal...

What is Osteopathy?

April 15, 2021 Osteopathy   Most of you will think of osteo as being “bones or something”? This is partly true, osteo does mean “relating to bones” however, bones aren’t all an Osteopath treats. Not at all in fact, bones are only a v...

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