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Fertility Basics for Women – the Menstrual Cycle.

September 13, 2018

Supporting couples that want to conceive is a very common part of our practice. When we see women that would like to fall pregnant, we always start with the basics. We will ask you a lot of questions about your menstrual cycle.

What is a ‘textbook’ menstrual cycle?

The ideal length of the cycle is 27-29 days. Any longer or shorter than that may indicate that there is a problem that could have impact on your fertility. There should be no pain, that’s right, no pain at all. Even though it is very common that women experience pain during their period, this is not normal. The blood flow should start straight away on day one, we don’t want there to be stop-start bleeding or spotting at the onset of the cycle. Bleeding should last for 3-4 days followed by 1-2 days of light bleeding and spotting at the end. The first 3-4 days the bleeding should not be too heavy (changing pad or tampon more than every 2 hours) or too light (changing pad or tampon less than twice a day). The colour of the blood should be deep red, not purple, brown or bright red. The blood should not contain any clots, stringy bits or mucus and should not be too watery or dry. There should be no symptoms prior to the period coming on. Premenstrual symptoms are a very common occurrence but not part of a normal menstrual cycle.

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What if my cycle is not like this?

If your cycle is not not ‘textbook’ and you would like to fall pregnant it would be a very good idea to work on getting it as good as possible. With acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine we can aim for this so that you have the best chance to conceive and carry a healthy baby. At Natural Solutions this is one of the things we do most.

How can I make an appointment?

You can call us on 0414 067 874 or send us an email at marieke@naturalsolutionstcm.com. Alternatively click here to make an appointment online.

Can I claim acupuncture on my private health insurance?

Most private health funds cover acupuncture but it depends on your level of cover. Please check your policy or speak to your provider.