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Pregnant? Here is why you want a Doula!

October 31, 2019

This week we have a guest blog from the lovely Alison Hansen who is a Doula and is easing the life of many women throughout their pregnancy and post partum!

Hi, I’m Alison and I’m a Birth & Postnatal Doula. If you are not familiar with the term or haven’t heard of what we do. A Doula is your Birthing Bestie !!

Pregnant? Here is why you want a Doula! - Acupuncture Clinic Sydney

Fertility treatments can often be very medicalized and impersonal and as part of your team of professionals, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Everyone needs a Doula, whether you don’t have your mum with you, your family are not close by, your partner is likely to faint (yes it happens a lot), or you just want that extra person to keep calm and remain by your side, a Doula works in hospitals & birthing centres with a caring and nurturing heart.

Pregnant? Here is why you want a Doula! - Acupuncture Clinic Sydney

A Doula helps the mother and partner to achieve the birth they hope for, no matter if it’s with or without drugs, or a c-section … helping people at one of the most vulnerable and tender times in their life.

As Doulas, we have had lots of training for the challenges of what may lay ahead. I work with you to provide continuous care, along with physical and emotional support before, during or after childbirth.

I work with you prior to your birth to create a plan & educate on the choices you have at hand. I will bring remedies, use different techniques & comfort measures, essential oils, my rebozo, a diffuser, music, my hands for lots of massages, and of course … my heart ❤️.

Many studies from around the world have shown that a Doula’s support can be more effective than hospital staff, family or friends.

  • Fewer caesarean sections
  • Reduction in the use of forceps and vacuum
  • Fewer requests for epidurals
  • A reduction in the use of synthetic oxytocin (labour hormone) for inductions or augmentations
  • Fewer requests for pain medication
  • Shorter labour length
  • Increased rates of breastfeeding at 6 weeks postpartum
  • Higher self-esteem, less anxiety and less depression at 6 weeks postpartum— Sounds good right?!

After the birth of your baby, I come to your home to debrief your birth, guide you through with breastfeeding and set you up with lots of nourishing food. Anything you may need to help parents of new infants adjust and grow into a new phase in their family’s life. I will care for baby when parents want to shower, nap, or spend some special time with older child(ren) or just be alone. Being isolated with a baby can give you cabin fever. We can go out together for a break from the house and get lunch or send you off for a well deserved massage.

So if you are interested in me been your Birthing Bestie please check out my website here and follow me on FB & Insta.